¡· 2004 Chanting of the Ocean----Songs and Dances in the Makota-ay tribe of Amis

Makota'ay village, located on the north back of Shkozoen river, is one of important birthplaces of east coast Amis. Till now, the age hierarchy and the rich songs and dances of the ¡§Sea rite¡¨ and ¡§New Year Rite¡¨ are preserved strictly. To execute the performing program, Formosan Aboriginal Dance and Song Troupe would like to make a systematic research on the valuable Makota'ay village culture about songs and dances of Amis; besides by means of ¡§a stage¡¨ to propagate the traditional songs and dances for more people who engage in art creation and are fond of.

The production of this performance is to eulogize the unique oceanic songs and dances of Makota'ay village culture; meanwhile to memorialize the elder chief, Lekal Makor, who passed away last year. It seems clearly to remember that the elder chief had exhorted and encouraged the descendants of his tribe. He said, ¡§Why the reeds in front of me grow so fast? I almost cannot see the fields, and I am so hunchbacked that I cannot straighten myself. If children do not come back, I will not see the ocean in front of me anymore. If children do not come back, you will not find out the roads I had walked by for they had covered with grass. Come back! My children. I sang because my steps were followed by the reef rocks, and I learned the dances for I gazed at sea waves. Do you understand our dance steps were originated in the sea waves? Have you ever seen the sea waves stopping patting? The chants and dances make your life more practical. You have owned everything, why will you own more?¡¨

Chanting of the Ocean¡¨ is a delightful encounter and a spiritual bathing between the crew of Formosan Aboriginal Dance and Song Troupe and the native aboriginal fellows. From the tribes to the stages, Formosan Aboriginal Dance and Song Troupe invites you to discover the aboriginal fellows' charms that rose and fell on Shkozoen river, drifted on the Pacific Ocean and crossed among the coast mountains.

Taking a look, making a living and passing by a story. And the memories are as if the ocean's welling out.