2004 Chanting of the Ocean----Songs and Dances in the Makota-ay tribe of Amis

2003 Shell God in the Fog¡GSaaluwa's Ritual Music and Dance
2000 Who's shooting on the Mountain? --- ritual songs of the Bunun tribe
1998 Ritural Ceremonies of the Saisat and Amis Tribes
1997 Holding INA's Hand¡Xconsists of songs and dances of the Amis tribe
1996 Songs of VuVu [ ancestors ]¡Xfeaturing of Paiwan tribe
1994 Exhortations of the Little People¡X a collection of unique Saisat ritual songs and dances
1993 The Passing of the Year
1992 Memorable New Year Ceremony¡X to honor its composer, the late Puyuma elder Lu Shen Bao
1991 The Legend of the Mountain and the Sea